Monday, December 19, 2011

Indigenous AWACS Radome Developed In Bangalore


The first fully-modified indigenously-developed Indian Airborne Warning and Control System (AEW&C) aircraft took to the skies on 6th December 2011 for it's first maiden flight at the Embraer facilities at Sao Jose dos Campos in Brazil with about 1,000 mission system components provided by the Centre for Airborne Systems (CABS) of the Indian Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). These include the critical AESA (Active Electronic Scanning Antenna) Radar Antenna, developed by the DRDO and certified by ANAC, International FAR Certification Agency.

“The flight is a major milestone towards realizing the dream of an Indigenous Airborne Early Warning and Control System, which will put India into a select club of countries” said SA to RM, congratulating DRDO scientists and M/s Embraer engineers on this achievement.

While this aircraft will now undergo the full certification process over the next two-year period, India will receive two aircraft by the middle of next year. The mission systems developed by various DRDO Labs will then be integrated into these aircraft. Currently, these systems are undergoing ground integration and evaluation at the CABS in Bangalore.

Two of these systems will be delivered to the Indian Air Force (IAF) after detailed testing and evaluation by late 2013.

With the advent of this, India is looking forward to join the league of countries capable of developing and delivering such complex airborne systems to its user.

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